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Old Dogs

I spent the better part of last week at a retirement seminar. Now, I’m not old enough to retire (yet) but decided to take the seminar because I could, and as a way to start planning for the day when I don’t have to go to work any more.

I have learned so much this past week. At one point, I felt like my brain was going to explode. Taxes, Annuities, Working in Retirement, Making a Bucket List, Investing Now for Retirement Later, and the list goes on and on.

So, what did I learn?

(1) I will have enough money to retire when I reach the age of 92;

(2) I really need to start playing the lottery on a regular basis, as that money will be very helpful in my old age;

(3) I cannot list my dogs as “my survivors” on any of my beneficiary forms; and,

(4) talking to us about our health as we age and then making us sit in the most uncomfortable cramped seats ever invented and causing deep vein thrombosis is counter-productive.

I kept more normal hours this past week, and since Clover is so mental about her schedule being changed, both dogs spent the four days at doggie daycare, from 7:00am to 5:00pm. They are so exhausted from all of the activity — almost as tired as my brain from trying to absorb all of the retirement information.


4 thoughts on “Old Dogs

  1. Did you know that Middle Aged is considered 40 to 55? What the heck is 56? Chopped Liver?

    Do you know how to tell when you are officially a Senior Citizen? The AARP card arrives in the mail unsolicited! (age 50) LOL. (Mine came last week!!)


  2. I’m scared to go to one of those things! I was hoping to maybe retire in about 8-10 years at 56-58, but I just got a notice that my home, which I purchased in 2006 is now worth $101,000 dollars less than what I purchased it for! My taxes are going ddown, but my equity went into the drain too! :/


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