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Walkies! Two @ Once

I walk my two pups every day unless the weather isn’t cooperating. Clover is too skittish to be walked in the rain if there is a possibility of thunder or lightning, and its just plain not safe. I have been walking them separately just because its easier, and I would get two times the exercise each day.

These two would much rather be at the dog park for an hour or two, but some days I just don’t have the time, and I keep promising myself that we will make at least two trips to the park each week. A couple of years ago when it was just Clover and she was still a very energetic puppy, we would go to the dog park at least 5 or 6 times a week. That was also back when my dog park friends were either single, without child, still married, or hadn’t moved away. I miss those guys and their dogs Daisy, Brady, Ocho, Sophie, and Lexie.

Walking two big dogs together takes a lot of planning. Just getting out the door is a challenge, but they’re getting better at it.  As I try to hold them tight, turn to close the door and lock it, they will sit nicely on the stoop waiting for me to get my act together.

Clover does not like it when Cosmo bumps into her and she will pull left to get away from him. Cosmo just wants to walk and have fun and will move back and forth, left to right. So, I shorten their leashes by wrapping them around my hands, always with Clover on the left and Cosmo on the right … its a no nonsense walk with no pulling. I use a head collar on Cosmo (Halti) to keep him from yanking my arms out of their sockets, my shoulders back looking forward, no tension in my hands/arms (per The Dog Whisperer).

However, as soon as I lengthen the leashes when we are on the way back to the house via the large grassy public area behind our house, its like a three-ring circus. I am just thankful that Coz has quit trying to kill me by tripping me on up on his leash.  He will sometimes get caught up on his leash and will stand still waiting for me to untangle him.  Clover just looks on in disdain.

A couple of months before I started using the Halti on Cosmo, he slipped his collar when we were walking and before I realized it he was running very fast away from me. I almost had a heart attack. When I called his name, he thought I wanted to play, so he started running around in circles and was about to start off for neighborhoods unknown. I remembered something that I had seen on a TV show, and I yelled very loudly something like “whoop whoop whoo” and when he turned around to look at me, I started waving my hands high above my head and kept up with the “whoop whoop whoo.” I definitely caught his attention, and here is the hard part, I turned my back to him and took a couple of steps in the opposite direction from my loose and collarless dog (he is microchipped). I was about to turn around and see if he was still in my zip code, and I felt him at my hand nudging his collar and leash that I had in my hand. I grabbed that dog up, headed home, all the way trying not to hyperventilate.

I worked the recall command with Clover a few times when she was a puppy and it continues to work pretty well. She watches my hands and will come from a far distance just by my using hand signals. Cosmo, on the other hand, thinks everything is a game. He hates the clicker and the whistle, and is pretty head-strong. I still have a lot of work to do with that guy.



7 thoughts on “Walkies! Two @ Once

  1. It’s not easy walking two dogs at once — as you noted, they’re always tangling each other up or going in opposite directions or tripping each other. We tried a Halti-type thing on Tucker for a while but he hated it so much that when he saw it come out, he would change his mind about going for a walk. Talk about stubborn …


  2. I give you big credit. Our lab/golden mix, Hunter, was a very willful fellow. He was on a first name, best buddy basis with the animal control man in our little town. Because of him, I was also on a first name basis. He would jump the fence and go wandering. I had 2 babies at home at the time, and it was not easy. He passed away a few years ago, and I miss him still. I love reading about your pups…makes me start to think that maybe it will be time to consider a new furry member of the family. Susan


  3. I will try and post photos of me walking them on a lead that connects the two of them to one leash … its really quite amusing if you’re a bystander …


  4. I use halties an Daisy and Roscoe. Daisy is good by herself but when the little dog comes along and sees another dog, all hell breaks loose! I can handle Daisy alone, and tend to walk just her most times. I have a hard time controlling the two of them is a rukus since the finger incident (Sept 2006), no strength.


  5. Ok, not to be a downer…but when you said “and I keep promising myself that we will make at least two trips to the park each week.” I couldn’t help remembering my girl Sam Not only did I promise her that I would take her somewhere special, just for her (well and her “brother” Gillis, when he came along), at least once a week…but once I drove her all the way to Lake McConaughy, Nebraska (from Denver, Colorado) so she could spend a few days swimming in a real lake (that was just for her…Gill stayed home)! God I spoiled that girl…and she was worth every bit of it and more. Enjoy your days with Clover and Cosmo. Days spent with dogs are the best!!!


  6. Oh my gosh you are brave! My girls get to tangled up! They are both still pretty hyper on a leash….I did try the halter thing once and it was a disaster. My little dog Sarah has escaped a few times and it became a wild chase. I had visions of her getting hit etc. I hope and pray it never happens again but if it ever does I’ll try and remember your technique! So scarey when it happens though! They are both adorable!


  7. I loved your title! My girlfriend used to say that all the time, Walkies! LOL! Of course I love labradors too!!! I have a lab and a corgi and I try to walk them together as well, it gets difficult!! Thanks for sharing!


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