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Hypermiling Part One or, “How to Make Friends While Driving”

So, yesterday, I started “practicing” my hypermiling skills. I hit the Interstate at 63 miles per hour (the speed limit is 55 mph), staying in the right lane almost the whole 25 miles to work. I didn’t have to hit the brakes for almost 20 miles of the trip. No fast accellerations, no slamming the brakes, just cruising along minding my own business.

How did it go? As far as the gas mileage, its too early to tell since I will do the mpg calculation on my next fill-up. I think that hypermiling takes a good amount of conscious effort, and it will probably take a bit of time to see some results.

So, How did it really go?  Well,

  • To the guy in the yellow Nissan SUV that tailgated me for a couple of miles when he could have passed me easily … Were you hypermiling, too?  Trying to save gas by utilizing a drafting technique?  Or are you just practicing being an asshole?
  • To the pretty lady in the white Mercedes SUV that passed me with an inch to spare and then flicked the middle finger at me as she cut back in front of me … Right back at ‘ya, Blondie.
  • To the idiot 12-year-old driving that big giant industrial sized tow truck (you know who you are) … Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? You should be ashamed of yourself for using words like that.

And, finally,

  • Nanny Nanny Boo Boo. My gas tank is more full than yours. Idiots.

5 thoughts on “Hypermiling Part One or, “How to Make Friends While Driving”

  1. Oh, Diane…that’s hysterical…you had me at asshole! hypermiling,like most things in life are best accompanied by a good sense of humor…You’ve obviously got that covered!! Back to looking for your giveaway….


  2. Nice! I see your experiences and mine were very similar. I have made lots of “Friends” as well. ;)



  3. I am saving from 5 to 9 miles per galon. My honda does from 31 to 35 miles per galon.
    Now hypermiling I am makin from 37 to 41miles per galon. Better milege after maintenance and oil change.

    I am driving aroung 110 miles a day



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