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Wordless (Retro) Wednesday * April 1966


10 thoughts on “Wordless (Retro) Wednesday * April 1966

  1. You have a standing invitation to stop by Sojouner’s Place anytime or day…but particularly on Wordless Wednesdays! Much Obliged! SjP


  2. LOVE that photo! LOL

    Gas here is $3.99, $4.09 and $4.19..and that was yesterday…I’m sure its at least 10 cents more today….UGH!


  3. OMG look how young we were!!!! Of course I am still younger :) BTW was that Cleo or Kissy? Im assuming it was Cleo because Kissy never let US near her


  4. Its Cleo .. The picture is Easter 1966 … so she is only about 6 months old there. Whose idea was it to put the shirt on her, I wonder? And you .. in the background .. fidgeting! LOL.


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