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The Dog Cave

I’ve mentioned before that Clover sleeps in the closet. It is her place to hide from noises and people, or a place to sleep the night away. That is, or course, when she’s not asleep on my bed!

Almost three years ago, I had the painters in to repaint my bedroom. All of the furniture was moved to the center of the room, and I emptied the three closets that were bursting at the seams. All of the clothing and shoes went on top of the bed, all of the boxes of junk lined the hallway, and the guys painted my bedroom a nice cheery gold-yellow color. (Ok, I made a mistake with that one, but its better than the bright red that was there before.)

During the time between the painting being done, and me getting around to putting things back in the closets and putting my bedroom back in order, Clover discovered one of the empty closets and moved in. I never prompted her … she just plopped down and went to sleep.

This is a dog that hates being crated. I tried it a couple of times, and finally gave up when she bent the bars on the door of one crate. Yet, she will gladly go into the closet to hide from me, Cosmo, or a thunderstorm. She likes to nap in there while I’m at work or snooze the night away in her closet. I put an old blanket on the floor for her, and then an old pillow. If I forget and close the doors, she will scratch at it until she can get her nose in the opening and then with a twist of her head, she will slide the door open allowing her access to the Dog Cave.

The only time I ever heard Clover growl, and believe me it was half-hearted, was when puppy Cosmo thought it would be cool to camp out with Clover in her closet. He has never stepped paws back in there again.


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  1. Thanks for coming by my place and for the nice comment! I love the sound of the Dog Cave! And Clover is so smart to open it herself!



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