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Breaking News! Dogs Survive Day of Yard Sales

Cosmo reporting. Word has it that “she” is taking us out to some yard sales tomorrow morning. I’m getting kind of tired of these early Saturday morning forays. Dude .. what’s with the early up-and-at-em? My attitude might change, if “she” starts buying some interesting things for me once and a while. Or, at least let us out of the truck to have a “look-see” and meet other people and stuff. My time limit for this outing is exactly 2 hours. After that, I WILL let my displeasure known by head butting, whimpering, and if all else fails, floating a smelly bomb once and a while. Check back Saturday for an update.

Clover here. Woohoo! “She” is taking us in the morning at first light to go in the car and check out the local yard sales and maybe buy something fun to play with or something might taste good or something that even smells good or like another dog or something and then maybe “she’ll” take us to the park and then we can play for a while before we come home and take a nap and then unload the car and smell all the good stuff all over again because I love to help her unload the car too and I can carry packages really well as long as they are not too heavy and don’t drag on the floor or anything.

Cosmo’s Update @ 5:13 p.m. Been home for a while. Your woman stopped at 57 yard sales today. And, we were home by 11:00 a.m. As you can see from the picture below, I am happy dog! Oh, yeah, your woman told me to tell you that she gave Reno the German Shepherd across the street two cans of balls. (Huh? What?) And then she said to tell you that they don’t bounce very well, but considering we’ll probably leave them at the park anyway, it really doesn’t matter. And, oh yeah, $1 for all of them.


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  2. I passed QUITE a few sales today while I was running errands but I was just too darn tired to stop…I told Jan I must be ill…LOL…I just had too many things to do and it was so darn HOT today..we had to get some patch filler for the spots on the front lawn where the grass seed didn’t take…..Hopefully there will be a lot of sales NEXT week….Great buy on the tennis balls!


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