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Eveylyn’s Vintage Rose Ephemera Collection

I found a large brown envelope at the recycle center when I was visiting my parents last month. It looked interesting, and since it was free … I took it so I could go through it later. Well, later is here, and I am surprised!

The envelope is marked “Roses” and inside I found something signed by Evelyn R. The collection of roses are tissue paper, cuttings from the newspaper and magazines, wrapping paper, and small cuts of wallpaper. Some of the advertisements on the back of the roses are pretty interesting too (another day/another post). A few of the items are dated from the 1940’s.


3 thoughts on “Eveylyn’s Vintage Rose Ephemera Collection

  1. Is this all of them? How big are they? I think it might be worth a try on Ebay. There are lots of people who love roses and these are vintage. Good luck if you do try.


  2. In keeping with the less is more theme of decorating … I am going to list these on eBay tonight.


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