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What a Way to Start the Day!

I have mentioned in previous posts how wonderful a dog Cosmo is. This morning? Not so much. At exactly 4:00 a.m. he jumped on the bed and woke me.

Imagined conversation went something like this:

  • Cosmo: “Hey Mom – I’m not feeling so well.”
  • Me: “Poor Coz, What’s the matter?”
  • Cosmo: “My tummy feels bad. Uuhh ohhh.”
  • Me: “Don’t you dare …. “
  • Cosmo: “Oops, sorry mom, didn’t mean to throw up on you and your pillow and your blanket.”
  • Me: “Gee, thanks for sharing that Cosmo. Now get the hell off my bed.”

Yep. That’s how my morning started — a sick dog followed by me taking an early shower, changing the bedding, and trying very hard not to be annoyed with my boy.



6 thoughts on “What a Way to Start the Day!

  1. Oh poor Baby…well..thats what my kids have always done..they come into the room…say “Mom”..and then it happens….LOL

    I love your roses too btw~very pretty!


  2. He does look sheepish. When I was a kid our dachshund slept in my bed and every once in a while I would roll over into something wet and squishy. Always a treat!


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