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Wet Roses

Did I mention it has been raining a lot the last few days? I took these photos yesterday in the rain after walking the dogs. Isn’t it strange — Dogs that won’t go out in the yard in the rain, will gladly go out on the leash and walk in a deluge.  What’s with that, anyway?  Everything is still very soggy, and today has dawned cool and sunny. The weather report says it should be this way for a couple of days. Hopefully, Saturday will be clear and rain-free so I can get my fix of yard sales!

For roses that have been neglected for the last couple of years, they sure are putting out some pretty flowers. I forgot to trim them back this year and really didn’t expect such beautiful blooms. The guy that cuts my little lawn said he would dig out and mulch my flower beds. However, he seems to have gone MIA. I’m afraid I’m going to have to get dirty this weekend in order to at least clean thing up enough so I don’t get a nasty letter from the Home Owners Association.

In the meantime,


3 thoughts on “Wet Roses

  1. The roses are lovely! Mine have been neglected for far too long and I really need to get out and at least water them! LOL! We didn’t cut ours back this past fall either and they have grown to about 6′ tall! Honestly! They’re roses gone wild!!
    My dogs will do anything for a walk on the leash! What’s up with that? Dogs are goofy, but ya gotta love ’em!



  2. I’ve killed every rose bush I’ve ever owned and now I feel sad because your rose pix are really beautiful. Maybe I should just settle for a picture and not the real thing???


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