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Two by Two Dogs In the Ark

If I were a paranoid person, or perhaps a bit more paranoid than I am already, I would be looking for a guy named Noah and see if he’s building a big boat. Growing up in South Florida, I’m used to heavy pounding rains. It just seems out of place here in genteel Virginia. I remember a newscaster in South Florida that used great descriptions concerning rain storms, such as gully washer or palmetto pounder (palmetto=palm tree). I wonder what he would call today’s deluge?  A Peanut Pounder? A Blue Ridge Blaster? or maybe an Old Dominion Drenching?

Now, my two dogs are retrievers. They’re water dogs. They are wash-and-wear dogs. They like to get wet, one of them actually likes to swim just for the hell of it. They like going out in the rain just so they can get wet and come back in the house and get wiped down. Cosmo likes to cozy up to me when he’s wringing wet and pass back and forth as I swipe at him with a nice dry towel. That was then, this is now!

It is raining so hard right now that the water has gotten into the wiring of the security light in my little back yard and shorted it out. My little yard is under water. So cold and wet, that both of my water retrieving, pool/lake/ocean/river swimming retrievers absolutely refuse to go outside!

Clover stuck her head out the door and backed up … walking backwards all the way across the kitchen floor to get to safety in the dining room. Cosmo was brave! He actually went out the door, turned left quickly, hugging the wall. Within 15 seconds, however, he changed his mind, slipped in the mud, Oops! And bolted for the dining room dripping water and mud as he went.

Its a mess out there … in my little yard. And in my kitchen. And my dining room. And on my sofa.


4 thoughts on “Two by Two Dogs In the Ark

  1. Oh, I do hope things dry up soon! I can just see Clover backing awaaaaayy from the door! LOL!
    My dogs hate rain, too…but that’s because they rarely see it! Take care!



  2. When we used to live in New York, on rainy days, Tucker would go from door to door, as if he were thinking “Maybe it won’t be raining outside of this one … okay, maybe it won’t be raining outside of this one … okay, maybe it won’t be …”


  3. It ALWAYS rains here near Seattle….rain rain rain! I used to like it but sometimes its just too much…but I guess it’s better than the FEET of snow we used to get in Colorado!


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