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The Bogey Man Cometh

My poor girl. Clover is so afraid of thunder storms that the night before last she literally had the shit scared out of her! (Sorry. Just didn’t work using “poop.”) Its only happened one other time also during a thunderstorm. Its hard to get angry with a dog that is that scared.

We had a round of major storms come through Northern Virginia Thursday night with some tornadoes touching down about 40 minutes south. I got home in the middle of a major thunder and lightning event, running for my life to get into the house. I was met by a very calm Cosmo, and my poor Clover, shaking from fear and nerves over the storm, and mortification over the fact that she had an “accident” in the house.

Anyone that is owned by a Labrador Retriever knows that they like to eat often and on time. This is the first time Clover ever missed a meal without complaining. She was so out of it, that she took her anxiety pill, and headed upstairs to hide in the closet without eating any dinner. After a few minutes, I could hear her pacing the floor and went up to check on her. I put her puffy pillow in the bath tub and she jumped in to lie down, still shaking.  A couple of years ago, she started hiding out in the bath tub during thunderstorms.  Go figure.

I slept with the lights on so Clover couldn’t see the flashes of lightning. About 4:30 am, I heard her jump out of the bath tub and plop down in her closet. Yes, her closet. She took over one of my clothes closets a couple of years ago and while she WILL NOT be crated (even with the doors open) she goes willingly into the closet to sleep or hide from the bogey man.



6 thoughts on “The Bogey Man Cometh

  1. Awww. Poor baby! Sprocket used to get freaked out from the storms, he would bark at the noise and the flash, but now he is so deaf and blind that they don’t bother him any more.


  2. oohh..poor Baby! They really are like lil kids…I am bumming because my kitty is gone again…we haven’t seen Radar since Wednesday…I wondering if someone took a long weekend and he is locked in a garage again..
    Have a Great Mother’s day


  3. My big bad German Shepherd does the same thing during storms. She paces and whines, it’s so sad! I think it’s cute that Clover goes to the bathtub! So sweet that you slept with the lights on. The things we do for our four legged family!


  4. Cody, my lab/rottie is petrified of t-storms too. He woke me up Thursday night (same storm, since I’m in VA too) pacing drooling, whining. He used to go in the tub, but now it has to be the basement. Unfortunately, he won’t go down those steep stairs, so at 2 a.m. we had to go OUTSIDE and around the house to access the basement through the backyard. We slept in the basement. Pathetic.


  5. Sue – Now that takes the cake! But I am sure, if I had a basement, Clover and I would be sleeping down there too. And, meanwhile, Cosmo would be stretched out in my bed slobbering on my pillow!


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