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Dogs Can’t Fly - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more North Carolina Trooper Fired Over Abuse of K-9 Partner

I read this article online from the News Observer which covers news in Raleigh/Durham/Cary/Chapel Hill – North Carolina. It was published on April 29, 2008. I know that some people do try to train animals with intimidation and force. I remember seeing a dog training video from the 1970’s where the trainer “helicoptered” a German Shepherd. (Holding the dog by the leash so his legs do not touch the ground. It freaks the dog out and he starts to struggle to get down and he will start swinging around like a helicopter.) The dog in the video quit struggling when he about passed out from lack of oxygen and pain.

You have to wonder about people that treat animals like this, especially police officers that should know better. Is it a Country thing? Ignorance? or an underlying evil streak?

Thanks to Dan Kane at the News Observer for bringing this issue to light. And, shame on you Trooper Charles L. Jones and anyone else that thinks this is appropriate behavior.

Here is a link to the article. What do you think? News Observer Article.


3 thoughts on “Dogs Can’t Fly

  1. I can’t tolerate anyone who treats any animal badly!! It just infuriates me! Especially people who are supposed to be in a roll of authority! Grrrrrr!
    Loved the roses, by the way!



  2. Oh..that poor dog….that makes me angry…I thought police dogs were supposed to be treated with the same respect as officers….if thats the reward they get for dedicated service then I am DISGUSTED.


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