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I’ll get you, my pretty … Or, Payback is Hell

After 3 weeks of 24/7 with the dogs, I headed back to work this past week, picking up the old schedule and habits. If I had known Clover was going to go mental on me, I would have medicated her during the day Monday so she would have been fairly relaxed by the time I left for work. Seeing as how we have had no similar problems in about 4 years, I just didn’t think that it might still be an issue. I guess I was wrong.

I didn’t notice the damage until Tuesday morning. Click on the picture to see the damage in its full glory.  (This is the inside door frame to the front door.)

The last couple days, before heading out for work, I have been slipping her a Alprazolam (Xanax) that was prescribed by the vet. In the last 3 years, I have had to medicate her only during bad storms, the 4th of July and any other holiday when fireworks are prevalent.

I love this dog. Some days not so much.


7 thoughts on “I’ll get you, my pretty … Or, Payback is Hell

  1. Oh man…she did a number on that door didn’t she! I’ve been there! My Akita tore out an entire bottom corner of a door once. Plus she ate a nice little section of bedroom carpeting too. We don’t keep her locked up anymore! LOL! Actually, both times she had accidentally gotten shut up in these rooms! She sneaks in the room and then we don’t know she’s in there! NOW we check before shutting doors!



  2. Oh No! I guess I have been lucky. Daisy ate an expensive pair of shoes, some sunglasses, pillows, and a few other objects, but never tried to chew her way out of anywhere. Poor thing. And poor you!


  3. looks just like my window ledge only vertical instead of horizontal. I tried putting hot sauce on it but she liked that even more!We can have these things fixed when we have to finally sell our houses. No point in fixing it now..I feel for ya!


  4. wood putty and paint, joan says.

    i did that to the window sill looking for squirrels. I also broke the window too with my nail when it was uncovered and I swatted at a squirrel. CRASH.


  5. Oh wow, I must show my people this, they’ll thimk I’m a saint when they leave the house…..or at least forgive my cunning antics.
    luv ‘n’ licks


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