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Puppy Can Bark, Too

Cosmo is 2 1/2 years old now, and as I mentioned in the post “Woofles,” his barking style is much different these days

This was taken when Cosmo was about 12 weeks old. It still makes me laugh!


7 thoughts on “Puppy Can Bark, Too

  1. LOL – Whenever I play the video and Cosmo hears it, he comes running over to watch the video! Clover just ignores it. But Cosmo loves to watch anything with dogs on tv too. When the Westminister Dog Show was on, he insisted of hoisting his 70 lb frame onto my lap to watch the dog show. And, he never moved … his eyes were riveted to the screen. Too funny!


  2. GTTD – Jive has good taste in film! Coz is bigger than Clover now and she still bosses him around. Diane


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