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Have I told you what a good dog Cosmo is? He was house trained fairly quickly, and would go into his crate willingly. I don’t crate him any longer because he just doesn’t need it. I trust him implicitly.

He is not a whiner, he has never chewed on a shoe or the furniture, never destroyed my favorite anything, and never ever licked the wall or wood molding least of all chew large gaping holes into the drywall. He has never destroyed a book that I was reading or a piece of clothing that I wore.

Cosmo does not throw up in the car, and he eats his food slowly and precisely so it doesn’t upset his stomach and cause him to puke. He likes to sit very still and watch the world go by. His favorite place is the bed in the guest room which is close to the window where he lies watching his little corner of the world go by. He likes to sleep the night away at the foot of my bed or on the floor next to my bed.

Cosmo has never dug a hole (in my yard), never caused a fight at the dog park, and on the occasions that I forgot to take the garbage out … he has ignored the trash with disdain.

Dont’ get me wrong. He is not some Stepford dog its just that the difference between Cosmo and Clover is so remarkable to me. He would like nothing more to curl up next to Clover and sleep with his head resting on her. She, however, will only snuggle with me and only if SHE wants to.

Oh, and did I tell you, he can bark, too?

Cosmo doesn’t bark in the frantic, crazy, loud, insane ways that Clover does. Cosmo’s barking is planned and diabolical. If something spooks him, he will stand very still and at attention. Tail up, Head down. Looking over his shoulder to find Clover, he makes a small quiet sound that I call a “woofle.” Sometimes, you can hardly hear it if you’re not paying close attention. Not quite a bark and not really a growl either. Its a low sound that sounds like “errrr woooooof.”

There is method to his maddness! He woofles to get Clover’s attention … and then the big mouth takes over the real job of barking, and he backs up and let’s her take the lead. Its kind of like he’s saying, “Hey, Clover … check it out!.”  Its the dog equivalent of ringing the neighbor’s doorbell and running off and hiding in the bushes.


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