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I am sad dog.

Cosmo here. Thought I would give a shout out to update you on the latest news. I am sad.

Just when I let my guard down … she did it again. Up at the crack of dawn, dry yucky kibble and a bowl of water for breakfast and I’m not even awake yet … a quick run around the backyard … and we were scooped up and tossed into the back seat of the truck. Damn. I knew something was up when all of our stuff started coming out of the closet and piling up in the garage. Then, the pile in the garage, including the bag with my favorite pink octopus, disappeared when I wasn’t looking.

Clover seems to be taking all of this in stride. I am upset. I can’t think straight. I love my person, and I love my Clover, but I really like the old people and Misty, too. The weather is really nice here and the yard is so big! Plus, the old guy slips me the occasional tidbit under the table when no one is looking.

The only comfort is that all of our stuff .. including my octopus and stuffed penguin are in the truck with us. Thank goodness it all fit in the back back because I did not want to sit on top of all that junk for two days. I hope she forgot the kibble.

Update: We stayed at a hotel in North Carolina last night. It smelled strange, but it was clean. I ate a baked potato for dinner and drank a big bowl of water. Walked twice around the hotel a couple of times. Pee’d on some strange looking bushes. Can’t poop in public with an audience so I’m holding it until we get home. Clover slept the whole night on the other bed all by herself. Not sure why. I had a really hard time falling asleep, but eventually I nodded off. The people upstairs were noisy clod hoppers. Slept on the bed with the person and my blankie. I have the stinkies. Clover and the person snored.

Up before the sun. Water. Passed on the kibble. Pee’d on the bushes. She tried to poison me with something called Corn Flakes. Bleck. Where’s my potato?

Next stop – home.


2 thoughts on “I am sad dog.

  1. Thanks Robin. We got home Thursday afternoon … it took me forever to get the truck unloaded. Both dogs are depressed and Cosmo is avoiding me … he even slept in the guest room the last two nights instead of on his pillow/bed in my room! LOL.

    I took them both with me today yard saleing … and right now it is storming and they’re both hiding in the closet upstairs.

    Thanks for the kind words, D.


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