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Cleopatra of the Misty Morn

In keeping with the theme of family pets from the past, I thought I would post this picture.

This photo was taken in 1965. I am on the right ( age 8 ) and my sister on the left ( age 4 ) with Cleo in the middle ( age 4 months ).

Eventually, Cleo became my mom’s dog, but we loved her anyway.

She liked to sit on the window sill (like a cat!) and look out the window. She also loved to play with balloons knocking them around with her nose.

She loved car rides, and later in life, she took great satisfaction in barking at me when I tried to sneak out of the house or into the house after curfew without being noticed.


2 thoughts on “Cleopatra of the Misty Morn

  1. We got Cleo as a puppy for Christmas one year … she was tied to a red ribbon and we had to follow the ribbon all over the house until we got to the back bathroom where she sat with a big red bow attached to her. She was a real sweetie! And she was “ours” until we went back to school after the Christmas holiday and she changed allegiance quickly!


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