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Spotty – The First Dog – c. 1937
















I just bought a scanner, and have spent the better part of the day going through old photos that I want to preserve digitally. I have a stack of photos of babies, weddings, christenings, and family pets. (I am finding it very odd that we don’t seem to have any pictures of my sister as a small infant or toddler. That story about the gypsy is starting to make sense.) There are a lot of photos of vacation places and people that no one can seem to identify, too.

I thought I would share this photo of my dad’s dog, Spotty. Dad said that for about 5 or 6 summers when he was young, his mom would send him to stay with the Dougherty family in Long Beach (New York). At the end of one summer, he brought Spotty home with him. So, by doing some calculations, this is a picture of Spotty as a puppy in 1937. The location is Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights (Queens) New York. Dad said this empty lot was across the street from their house.

Spotty was mostly Boston Terrier, and my dad said she was a great dog. She loved to do the terrier thing, and was a wonderful rat/mouse catcher.

Update: I just found a second photo (on the right) of my dad with Spotty which looks to be taken winter 1937 or 1938. Now, am I the only that thinks its strange that even the tilt of the photo is the same as the other? with the same background? it looks like both photos were taken in the exact same spot!


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