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The Joy of Chasing and Running

Cosmo was a very unremarkable (in the destruction department), totally wonderful, easily trained, and extremely lovable puppy (still is). He was such a welcome change from the puppy period known as “Clover Crazies”. The big difference between Cosmo and Clover as puppies? I crate trained Coz. For the first year, his home was the big crate in the kitchen. He stayed in the crate when I was out of the house, and at night when I slept. He went willingly into the crate and I really do believe that this made the difference between calm and normal, and strangely crazy and anxious.

He is a picky eater but as long as I mix a “little something” into the food, whether it is vegetables or a teaspoon of cheerios or wet dog food, it doesn’t matter. He thinks its special and therefore it gets eaten. Plain old dry food is usually passed up with a modicum of disdain. And, if I don’t move quick enough, Clover will swoop in and eat what Coz doesn’t. He is a very slow eater, too. He takes the dry food out of his bowl .. spreads it around on the floor .. then eats one piece at a time. All the while, Clover paces back and forth whining and worrying whether he’s ever going to finish, or if he’s going to leave something behind.

Cosmo’s contribution to the barking decibels in my house consist of things I call woofles … kind of a low woof … and that is more than enough, really. He woofles, gets Clover’s attention, she goes nuts, and he sits back and let’s her make most of the noise. Don’t get me wrong, Cosmo knows how to bark, and when the German shepherd across the street is out playing frisbee, Cosmo wants the whole world to know. When he finally does let loose his bark rattles the windows.

Mostly, he just likes playing with Clover. He will nibble at her heels to get her to chase him .. ahh, the joy of the chase. Cosmo likes to do the chasing or be chased as long as he can run. And Clover will happily oblige.


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Chasing and Running

  1. Cute video! Looks like you had a great sunny day too! We finally had a great day here…it got to be in the mid 70’s…I planted some flowers…the cats will prolly dig them up and pee there..LOL


    …I love your totem…very whimsical and creative!


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