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Garden Totem

I made this garden totem for my mom with some old chipped teapots found at either the thrift store, a church rummage sale, or out in the garage. Both parents liked it a lot and when the glue dried, I put it out in the back yard. Cosmo pee’d on it. And, Clover barked at it. It now resides in the front yard out of the sight of the dogs. (Total Cost: $2.69)

I’m working on another one for my own enjoyment, and will try and post a picture very soon.

Click on the link to see my new Rosie the Robot Garden Totem!


7 thoughts on “Garden Totem

  1. Was cruising around for gardening blogs and came across your totem…it’s so awesome! I have an old chipped teapot that I had no idea what to do with but hated throwing it out…this is a great idea.


  2. Thanks for your nice comments! I am going to try and find a few other pieces so I can make a couple more … so check back in a few days. I will post photos when they are done.


  3. Hi,
    I was perusing for ideas for my first totem and am so happy that I landed here at your site. This is absolutely the most adorable totem I have found. I love the whimsical theme! Thank you for sharing the photo.



  4. Very cute and whimsical – you must have a very creative mind. Knowing me I would have thrown them away as ‘junk’. Great recycling!

    You will never look at an old dinner plate, glass vase, or ashtray the same way again!


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