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As Crazy as She Is, You Can’t Have Her. Or, “Give me a todka and vonic.”

Before my own rescue of Cosmo took place, I talked to one of the coordinators for the rescue events sponsored by the local Lab Rescue group. Nice lady – she suggested I bring Clover along to their next event in case I fell in love with a puppy or dog at the event, that way we could see if they were compatible. Their event is always well attended and very organized. This one was in the back of Weber’s Pet Supermarket in Fairfax, Virginia.

They like you to go and check in at their welcome table and talk to a coordinator who can point you toward a dog that might be what you are looking for. With Clover in tow, I walked around the parking lot and talked with a couple of foster parents. What an amazing group of selfless people and some wonderful dogs, too.

As we walked around and stopped to talk with folks, and meet the dogs up for adoption, I spoke with a couple of other people that were there looking to adopt also. One couple kind of walked with me from spot to spot asking me questions about Clover. Her age, her temperment, etc. They thanked me for answering all of their questions. Nice people. I then noticed that they were over at the adoption table talking to one of the volunteers and pointing at Clover. It took me a minute to realize that they were trying to adopt my dog! The coordinator came over and asked me to bring Clover to the adoption table so they could fill out the papers as this very nice couple wanted to take “my dog” home with them.

I looked at the woman and smiled, smiled to the nice couple, and told them she was my dog and she wasn’t for adoption. I explained that I brought her with me in case we met another dog that WE wanted to adopt. The couple was only mildly annoyed, and the woman laughed, and they went on to talk to a foster parent with a nice black lab.

The kicker? The coordinator blasted me in front of about 20 people and asked me to leave! Now, this was obviously not the same person I spoke with on the telehone who told me to bring Clover with me, and I explained to her that I was told to bring my dog with me. She got all huffy with me and told me that I had a heck of a nerve bringing such a beautiful and well-behaved dog to their event …. Because Clover made their dogs look bad. What the hell?

I felt like Steve Martin in the scene from the movie “The Lonely Guy” when he goes to the restaurant and asks for a table:

  • -Hi. Do you have a table for dinner?
  • -Certainly, sir. How many in your party?
  • -I’m alone.
  • -Alone?
  • – [Nervous chuckle]
  • – Follow me, sir.
  • – This way, sir.
  • – Thank you.
  • – Would you care for a cocktail, sir?
  • – Yes, i’d like a “todka and vonic. “
  • – A todka and vonic?
  • – Yes.
  • – [Laughs] Very good, sir.
  • – Oh, and, captain?
  • – Could you turn out the spotlight, please?
  • – Certainly.
  • – And could everybody go back to talking?

Their loss turned out to be my gain because if I had adopted that day, I would never have found my wonderful little guy Cosmo.

I wonder if that woman worked for Sears? (See post called “Bad Sears, Bad Bad Sears.”)