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Bad Sears, Bad Bad Sears

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and moreThis entry is a little out of order and really doesn’t have anything to do with my dogs. Sometimes, a person just needs to vent!

It all started before I moved into the new house. I spent a small fortune at Sears for new appliances. A new range, microwave with vent hood, refrigerator, washer/dryer combo. I measured all of the spaces for the new appliances and went to Sears where I spent hours running back and forth from each department to choose, check availability, pay individually, and then back again to line up deliveries. It seems that the washer/dryer people, the range people, and the refrigerator people are all separate sales “floors” and I wanted everything delivered the same day so I wouldn’t have to pay multiple delivery charges. I ran back and back and back and forth to make sure that I could get the same delivery date for all of the appliances. Why the hell you couldn’t just walk around with one sales clerk and say, “I want that one, and that one, and that one, and I want them all delivered on Thursday before 2 p.m” is way beyond me.

When the delivery came a couple of weeks later, the delivery guys took out the old decrepit washer/dryer and hauled it to the truck and then proceeded to unload my brand new washer/dryer combo. When they took it off the back of the truck it was obvious there was a problem. The box was squashed on the top! Now, you can’t tell me that that was done en route because something had obviously fallen on top of the dryer to squash it that way. Why the hell did they load it for delivery in that condition? It had to go back. They also didn’t want to take the old one off the premise but they didn’t want to put it back either. They finally loaded the old appliance on the truck and told me they would call with a delivery date/time for a new (unsquashed) washer/dryer.

About a week later, they deliver the new washer/dryer and it doesn’t fit. Even though I had given them the space dimensions to the salesman, when he measured the new washer/dryer he didn’t take into consideration the space needed at the back to run the dryer hose so it wouldn’t kink up. So with that added couple of inches, the 2nd w/d didn’t fit. So, back it goes to Sears.

Up to this point, I had not moved into the house yet and every time I had a delivery scheduled I had to get my ass out of bed and spend 45 minutes or more in traffic to get to the empty house and wait for the delivery people.

They brought me the 3rd washer/dryer a week later (now almost three weeks later. I am now moved into the house and its Christmas and I have a house full of family and we’re washing our clothing in the bath tub and its too cold to hang anything to dry unless you want frozen clothes.

The refrigerator? I paid for them to install the ice maker, but never could get them to schedule a plumber. $100 down the drain.

The stove? They installed it incorrectly with the plug/power cord bent over itself when the stove was pushed into place. It caused an arc in the power cord which promptly melted and eventually burned. The stove was only 4 months old when it went kaput! I asked SEARS to replace it, but they said no it was covered under the warranty and they would send out a repairman. The first visit of the repair man took 2 weeks to schedule. Guy came out and said, “don’t got the part, got to order it.” So he did, it took another 2 weeks to get the part, and another two weeks to re-schedule the repairman to come out and fix it. So, NO STOVE for over 6 weeks.

The microwave hood? It was back-ordered (even though I had been told it was in stock) and took about 6 weeks before it was installed.

And not once did the appliance department(s) manager(s) return any of my calls. I didn’t make a pest of myself, but I called each department’s manager and left a couple of calls over the course of more than 6 weeks. I even went down to the store twice to try and get someone to sort out the washer/dryer & stove problems. No one was ever available to talk to me …. “sorry, they’re all busy.” A totally miserable experience.

I got a call about six months ago from Sears wanting to sell me a maintenance plan for my appliances .. I laughed so hard I couldn’t even form a sentence. I hung up.

If you don’t believe me on how badly Sears Sucks … Google it. You will be amazed! And for some strange reason, I feel an odd kinship with all of those people who have blogged about their Sears experiences. I get great enjoyment in the fact that I have talked three five different people from buying new appliances at Sears. They shopped at Best Buy and were extremely happy.

4 thoughts on “Bad Sears, Bad Bad Sears

  1. Subscribed! GREAT stories. My skin crawled when you described the flight from Dublin to Fla. I panic when A.J. has to be in a crate for five hours.

    Looking forward to more stories, and to posting more myself, too.


  2. Thanks AJ – Now that I have two, I get twice the hives just thinking about putting them on a plane to anywhere. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to be able to keep the blog current, too.


  3. I simpathize with you. I will never buy another large ticket item from sears. I am fighting with them about atransmission taht was replaced in a lawn tractor in october of 07 did not use all winter the thing doesnt work in July they tell me that it is too bad it is only a 90 day warranty. I spoke with the mfg of transmission and they aggreed that it never should have broken that soon. I tell everyone not to buy sears buy from your local dealers even if it is more in the end your time is worth more that the headaches that they put you through.


  4. You’re right Sears sucks! I will never buy from there again! Bought a new Frig. from Sears. Delivered Feb. 1st malfunctioned early June. They would not replace unit (only 90 day warranty), they sent a Tech. Tech said major mal-function. Needs new compressor and everything else that makes it work. Its going to cost approximately $1,000.00 to repair (parts & labor). Although its under mfg.warranty repairs cost more than the frig. NEVER AGAIN!


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