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Dog Can Scare Me - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and moreI’ve made about 15 road trips to Florida over the last 5 years first with Clover, and more recently with Clover and Cosmo, happily ensconced in the back seat for almost 1,000 miles.

Clover is a great traveler. She enjoys the car, does not get car sick, and she understands the concept of short pit stops: out, do your business, back in the car, let’s go!

One thing Clover doesn’t handle well is bad weather. On one particular trip, we were outside of Savannah and I was thinking about driving on through to my parents in one day; however, the weather looked like it was going to go downhill fast, so I decided to get a room. I stopped at a hotel that we had stayed at before, pulled the car up as close to the front door as I could, cracked the windows half way in the front, and left Clover so I could check in.

Check-in took about 5 minutes, and during that time the weather really started to blow. Big dark black clouds blew in with a couple of claps of thunder in the distance. I hurried out to the car because I knew Clover would be frantic.

I looked in the window – no Clover. I opened the back door of the SUV – no Clover. Looked in the front window again. No Clover. At this point, my stomach started to heave, and I thought I was going to throw up at any point. All I could think of was she was freaked out by the lightning and thunder and she had bolted out of the window. My mind was racing, I felt sick, and needed to sit down. I opened the front driver’s side door so I could sit down.

There she was on the floor under the steering wheel curled up into a dark black ball with her head under the front seat trying to hide from the thunder. And shaking. Just like me.

When we travel now, I always have two sets of keys with me so I can keep the windows closed with the car running and the a/c on and the doors locked.


2 thoughts on “Dog Can Scare Me

  1. Joan learned that trick about the 2 sets of keys but that was AFTER we did a cross-country trip from MN to CA and back. When we moved to Texas last summer, she finally figured it out – it worked very well since it was so hot and she couldn’t even leave me in the car with the windows open – even all the way down – the car would get too hot.


  2. Joan is smart!

    The first time I did it, I checked to make sure that the car would run with the doors locked from outside with the key remote BEFORE I put the dogs in the truck. I had visions of the car running with the windows closed and the a/c on and me locked out of the truck!

    Just call me paranoid!


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