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Clover’s Florida Adventure

Clover settled right in with my parents enjoying the Florida weather and turning brown from the sunshine. She embarked on a 9-month-long vacation while I moved into a small (no pets) apartment outside of D.C. The whole idea was that we would unite in Virginia after I bought a house in a few months. Well, a few months turned into 9 and Clover took great delight wrecking my folks yard and house! She loved the giant yard and playing with my parents’ Golden Retriever. They became the “The New Juvenile Delinquents” by digging up every plant in the back yard including my mom’s vegetable (ate all the tomatoes) and herb garden. They dug up, ate, and destroyed 5 or 6 very large hibiscus bushes, and stripped the bark off of a large pine tree. Dad with Clover & Misty on Vacation in GeorgiaMisty instructed Clover on the fine art of digging holes — something she had never done before. The back yard looked like it had been invaded by the gopher from Caddyshack. Clover’s new snack became the hibiscus flower and her new best friend – my dad.

My dad tells me often, “No more black dogs, please!” With her black face and black eyes, my dad (with his eyesight failing) is always reaching down to pet Clover and poking her in the eyes! Whenever she sees my dad’s hand coming her way for a pat on the head, she squints or closes her eyes now.

I can ask Clover, “Where’s Cosmo?” — Nothing. I can ask Clover, “Where’s Mom?” — Nothing. If I ask Clover, “Where’s Dad?” — She perks up, stands at attention, barks a couple of times, and runs around the house looking for my father.

The picture is my dad with Clover on his lap and Misty at his feet. A very common sight. Photo was taken a couple of years ago on vacation in North Georgia.