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Delinquent Dogs

copy-2-of-dcp_0024.jpgI kept Maya again over Christmas, and the two together accomplished the final destruction of the door frame and the linoleum floor. Maya missed her people, and Clover missed being an only child. Being winter and wet, the yard was practically destroyed with the running and chasing. I didn’t put up a Christmas tree that year because I was afraid of giving them a new focus for their energy. Clover got a soccer ball for Christmas and the two of them enjoyed playing goalie. I was exhausted by the time Maya went home.

At the end of January, I flew home to Florida for a visit with the folks and Clover went to stay with Maya for 10 days. Maya’s family had a big old Victorian house filled with lots of kids, a huge yard, and a stay-at-home mom. After I dropped Clover off for her stay, mom headed to the States for a week with two of the kids, leaving Dad behind with two children and two crazy dogs.

The most favorite thing to do at Maya’s house was to chase each other up and down the stairs all day long. The dad took a nap one afternoon on the couch in the TV room. He woke up to a pair of destroyed eyeglasses and no more Nikes. When everyone was out of the house, the dogs were confined to the kitchen, where the slightest touch of the back door would set off the burglar alarm which resulted in way too many trips home to reset the thing. Clover and Maya were banned to the backyard for a while, where they decided to do some landscaping. They dug up a small tree (about 6-7 feet tall, with a trunk about 7 inches in diameter). They pulled the tree across the yard and under the above-ground oil tank where they had dug themselves a nice hole. The tree was not salvageable and had to be destroyed.

The worst destruction by was the wall in the stairwell leading to the upstairs. The Victorian had some really old red and gold flocked wallpaper (ugly) in the landing and up the stairs. When Maya’s family came home from after a short absence (dogs not locked in the kitchen) they found a huge hole in the way .. the paper removed (eaten) and the old plaster and the wood lathe behind it completely removed leaving a gapping hole of about 2′  x 2′. There was a small leak in the plumbing that could be heard dripping in the wall and apparently it really really annoyed Clover and Maya.