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Hide the Tabasco!

cnv00012.jpgI offered to watch Clover’s litter-mate over our first Thanksgiving holiday while Maya’s family went to Germany. Maya’s family offered to watch Clover at a later date should I need or want to travel. Maya was a wonderful puppy, too, and she and Clover got along very well. I nicknamed them “The Flying Labradors.” They would jump and fly through the air defying gravity, tumbling and rolling each other across the yard. They truly enjoyed each others company, and they were very fun to watch — just get the heck out of the way.

On Thursday, I was invited to my boss’ house for dinner, and intended to leave the dogs in the kitchen while I was gone. Clover had already begun to destroy the linoleum floor by this time, and she was intent on sharing her experience with Maya and showing her how to strip the wood off of the door frame, too. I had read somewhere that pepper sauce is a good deterrent for dogs, along with bitter apple spray. I didn’t have the spray, but I did have a big bottle of Tabasco hot sauce. So, I put some sauce on a sponge and wiped the back of the door and the frame where Clover had started to remove the door frame. I started to head out the door, but decided to go back and look through the window in the door to see what they were doing – they were so quiet.

There they are, both of them, frantically licking the Tabasco off of the back of the door. So intent, they didn’t even notice me looking in on them. They seemed possessed — they just couldn’t stop! Lick, lick, slobber! I tapped on the window and the two faces look up at me … weeping eyes, snot hanging from their noses, and swollen tongues. I thought I had poisoned them both!

I went back into the kitchen and got a wet towel to wipe them both off. I got out a scrub brush to clean the door of the Tabasco, and waited about 30 minutes to make sure they both weren’t going to croak on me from ingesting the hot sauce. I was late for dinner, ate quickly, and made a fast departure. I just couldn’t relax at all … wondering what was awaiting my return.

Two black labs curled up together sound asleep on the kitchen floor.