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Redecorating À La Dog

dcp_0057.jpgOne thing this dog could do is scare me. When I got home from work or shopping or anywhere I dare go without taking Clover with me, I expected her to be at the door to greet me when I get home. When she wasn’t there, all kinds of terrible thoughts run through my brain (still do).

One day, I got home from work and no Clover. I turned off the alarm, plunked my bag and coat down and went into the living room – no Clover. My heart was racing. As I head for the kitchen, I pass the separate dining room. She is sound asleep on top of the dining room table snuggled up to one of my huge Waterford crystal bowls. I was relieved to find her in one piece, but I have one question for that dog — how the hell did she get up there? (all six chairs were pushed up under the table). She must have got a good head-start on that jump!

Another time, I came home and again headed to the living room – no Clover. Called her – nothing. In the living room, the six sofa cusions were all missing! I called again – nothing. Looked in the kitchen and the dining room. Checked the utility room. Nothing! Where was my dog? and where were the cushions from the sofa?

I headed upstairs and found Clover completely passed out in one of the back guest rooms lying on top of the sofa pillows which she had placed on the floor in front of the window so she could catch the afternoon sun. (Why she couldn’t just lay on the bed in front of the window is beyond me.) She must have exhausted herself with all of that redecorating. She was slightly embarrassed when I yelled “robbers in the house,” and she jumped up barking!