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Did I Say This Dog Can Bark?

dcp_0005.jpgClover is a big barker! It wasn’t always this way. When she was a puppy, she never barked. I taught her to bark on command. She is a very quick learner, and Clover found her voice quickly! I can still make a signal to her and she’ll bark very loudly, or I can make a motion and she’ll bark in her “inside voice” which is a little softer. That said, she is one loud dog. I mentioned in an earlier posting that Clover is a little neurotic and suffers from separation anxiety. The barking seems to be a manifestation of many things, including the anxiety.

Clover barks at noises. She barks at me when she wants something or if I’m not paying attention to her. She barks at the water bowl and food dish when they are empty. She barks at the squirrels. She barks at other dogs when they are playing, thus being crowned “the hall monitor” by other dog owners at the dog park.

She even barks at her ass when she farts.