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Got a Light?

copy-3-of-dcp_0043.jpgMy dog’s walker, Jane, called me about a week after the duct tape incident to let me know that I needed to buy some cigarettes on the way home. Actually, what she said, in a very English accent was, “You might want to stop by the Spar [Ireland’s version of 7-11] and get some fags.” (I hadn’t heard anyone call cigs – fags in a really long time!) She also noted that we now know that Clover can reach things on the kitchen counter. The day before, I had spent the equivalent of $50 on a carton of Marlboro Lights and put the carton up on the counter. When Jane came into the kitchen, Clover was sitting extremely still in the middle of the room surrounded by shredded cigarettes. Tobacco and butts everywhere from one end of the room to the other! Jane cleaned up the mess, took Clover out for a walk, and I stopped at Spar on the way home. Ever since that incident, whenever I would light up a cigarette, Clover would leave the room! I quit smoking about 3 years ago, and my dog applauds me!