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Duct Tape Dog

copy-3-of-dcp_0042.jpgWhen Clover was a couple of months old, and had started her “search and destroy” mission on the linoleum floor in the kitchen, I thought I would try and defeat her determination. Hah!

In the corner behind the door where the lino was coming up “before Clover,” I used some duct tape and taped the lino very securely to the baseboard along the wall. Done!

I got a call about 1:00 p.m. from Jane, the English lady that I had hired to walk Clover during the day. She wanted to alert me to the very large bald patch on Clover’s ass which was due to the fact that Clover was able to pull up all of the duct tape which promptly got stuck to her and then to the floor. Jane said that she wasn’t sure how long Clover was stuck to the floor, but in order to get the tape off she had to yank it off. As a result, she had a huge bald spot on her butt! Now, this is one time I didn’t get to witness one of Clover’s escapades. She walked around the house with a mopey face for a few days, constantly turning to look at the bald spot on her behind!