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Blue Dog & Mom’s Curlers


Clover has always had a fascination with shiney things. She still looks at herself in the mirror and barks at the strange dog looking back. But, it all started with Mary’s patent leather pumps.

My friend Mary is a real cat person. I don’t think she had ever spent a lot of time around big dogs. She wasn’t afraid of Clover, but she most definitely could have done without being beat with the tail and the constant attemps to lick her hands. Mary bought Clover a stuffed blue puppy toy back from Boston. We still have it. Blue Dog doesn’t have much fur left and I only let her play with it once and a while and then scoop it up and put it back in the closet. Clover loves Blue Dog and doesn’t play with it any more. She will just walk around the house with it in her mouth.

One day, when Mary stopped by after work, I poured us a glass of white wine and we sat in the living room to collect our thoughts after a long week. Clover was jumping around like an idiot until she found Mary’s shoes. The dog was fascinated by Mary’s patent leather shoes! She would not leave them alone — sniffing and licking them — trying to give them a high-gloss shine! It was very strange and it had us both in hysterics. Mary, trying to cross her ankles at an angle under the chair so Clover couldn’t get to the shoes!

I haven’t seen Mary in a couple of years, but we talk on the phone from time-to-time and e-mail often. She ALWAYS asks about Clover (and Cosmo). And, I ALWAYS think about the dog’s fascination with her shoes!

Another thing that seemed to fascinate Clover was my mom with curlers in her hair. We were on vacation in Connemara for a week and mom had just put her hair up in some curlers, and sat down to read a book until her hair dried. Clover jumped up on the couch next to her and couldn’t stop sniffing at the curlers! When the curlers came out, Clover tried to run off with them. I think her staring made mom a little uneasy, but she finally pushed Clover off the couch and picked up her book. Clover stared, waiting for the strange critters to fall out of mom’s hair … waiting with anticipation so she could scoop them up.