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Clover Up In The Park

Clover in the FieldMy boss in Ireland had a huge estate with a field that was completely walled and fenced. I was able to take Clover out to “the Park” on the weekends and exercise us both. As soon as we would pull up to the guard house, she would start whining and crying with anticipation! God forbid I should stop and talk with the guards for a few minutes!

I would drive back behind the stables and park in the field — stand back! Clover would jump out of the car and take off running to her heart’s desire. Being in a fairly controlled environment, I never worried about her running off or being hurt by another dog. It was us, the occasional roving security guard on a golf cart, a whole bunch of pheasants and small birds, too. The first heart attack that that dog gave me when she took off after a pheasant that couldn’t get good lift-off and she chased the bird, who flew at about 4 feet off of the ground, clear across the field and over the inside wrought iron fence. By the time I caught up with her, she was trying to figure out how to get back into the field. Now she got over or through the fence in the chase of the bird, but couldn’t figure out how to get back into the field! Finally, she squeezed under the fence in a spot with a low spot. I liked to try and do at least two full turns around the field, which would take about an hour or more, and then back to the car for a mug of hot tea for the both of us. Clover is true Irish. She loves her Barry’s Tea! (Bewley’s if there’s no Barry’s!)

When my boss was out of town, we would walk through the formal rose garden. What a glorious site! They had quite the collection of heritage roses – you know, the ones that still have a scent! Clover loves roses and the first time the gardener saw us in the rose garden, I thought she was going to have a fit as she she was afraid that Clover would hurt the rose bushes. But when she realized the dog’s reverence for the blossoms, she just laughed. A 70 lb Black Lab sniffing at delicate roses, methodically working her way from bush to bush. On occasion, the gardener would be clipping old blooms when we were there and would give me some of the cut roses to take home. Clover would guard them all the way home.